Add More Team Members

On our monthly, yearly and enterprise plan you can add additional team members (tax preparers) to your plan. This section shows when you need to add more than 2 members in to your plan.

How to Add More Team Members to Your Plan

Step 1: To make adjustments to your existing plan, kindly access your account by signing in to

Step 2: Click on Settings then go to Your Plan section. Within this area, you will find the available options for the number of team members you wish to include.

Step 3: Carefully choose the desired number of team members to be added to your Taxaroo plan. Please be aware that each additional member will incur a cost of $75 (for quantities exceeding 2 members).

Step 4: Once you have made your selections, proceed by clicking on "START SUBSCRIPTION."

Note: Please be advised that only the designated administrator has the authority to add supplementary providers to the plan.

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