How to Customize Branding

Taxaroo offers Full White Labeling features. You can add your logo and branding to all client portals, invoices, and messages, including using your own domain name. As a result, you can fully customize the client experience.

How to Customize Branding

Step 1:  To get started, select Settings then go to Site Branding.

Step 2: Your logo - Here, you can add your firm's logo.

Step 3: Header background color - Enter hex color values for the header background color. (use a site like this to find colors)

Step 4: Header font color - Enter hex color values for the header text color. (use a site like this to find colors)

Step 5: Preview your branding - Once you save changes, your clients will now see your logo and colors when they sign in. 

Step 6: Click SAVE CHANGES when you are done.

Note: The site branding only applies to your client's view and won't update your dashboard color.

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