How to Create Custom Domain

Taxaroo allows you to create a unique branded domain.  Custom domains, also known as vanity URLs, appear in the address bar at the top of every browser.

Important: Before setting up your custom domain please go to your domain management portal (for example: GoDaddy) and make sure to turn off your privacy.

How to Create A Custom Domain

Step 1: Go to and login to your account

Step 2: Select the settings module and click on site branding

Step 3: Check the box next to custom domain

Step 4: Type the sub domain and domain in the in the required fields and click the save icon (example: subdomain: clients domain:

Step 5: An email will be triggered and sent to the technical contact on your domain registration (ex on Godaddy or Network Solutions, etc) that you must approve for the SSL certificate of your white-labled client interview portal to work properly on the subdomain of your domain name. Please click the link in that email to approve this to complete your custom domain setup.


Step 6: Please search your inbox for the following Certificate request for subdomain.domain where the subdomain.domain section is what you have entered in the custom domain fields. From this email you should be able to have a direct link that allows you to approve this request. Please keep in mind that this email my vary depending on the domain registration you have.

Step 7: On this page you will find the domain name, account information and certificate identifier

Step 8: Next you will want to make sure you setup your DNS setting. Please select the DNS module and click on the +Add record button. The type should be CNAME > enter the subdomain in the name field > enter the target and make sure you are setup for DNS only and click save when done.

Step 9: From here you should be able to test out your custom domain. We recommend testing this either an incognito or from a completely different device. When you go back to your account the state should display success as the image below.