Client Did Not Receive An Appointment Email Confirmation

Taxaroo automatically sends out an email to the client when an appointment has been scheduled.  In addition to the scheduled appointment email notification the platform will automatically send out an email reminder 10 min before the scheduled time.

Client has not received an email reminder

Step 1: Ensure that the appointment has been successfully scheduled by navigating to the appointments module. Click on the specific appointment in question and verify that the correct client is listed under participants.

Step 2: Kindly request your client to check their email's "Spam/Junk/Promotion" folders to ensure the appointment email hasn't been redirected there by their email provider.

Step 3: Advise your client to review their email provider's settings to ensure that emails from the same sender are not automatically combined into one thread. For instance, Gmail groups emails from the same sender into a single thread, which may make it difficult to locate specific emails.

Here are directions from Gmail on how to disable grouping of emails so each email from the same sender is delivered separately:

Step 1: Go to your Gmail.

Step 2: In the top right corner, click on settings.

Step 3: Scroll down to the email threading section.

Step 4: Uncheck conversation view.

Step 5: If your client is using Microsoft emails such as Hotmail, msn, or outlook, it's advisable to consider using a different non-Microsoft email provider. This step is necessary as Microsoft sometimes randomly blocks emails from AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is our hosting provider. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control, and despite our efforts to contact these providers, we have not received a response. To avoid any email delivery issues, your client can either contact their email provider to whitelist Taxaroo or consider signing up with a different provider, such as Gmail.

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