How to Setup Client Invoicing

Setup Your Bank Account to Accept Direct Payments

Our platform is integrated with Stripe to process credit cards and securely manage your bank account. When a client pays an invoice, Stripe will process directly into your bank account. This allows clients to pay easily and securely with credit cards. Taxaroo does not collect additional fees for payments. The payment fees are charged only by Stripe Inc. For details on stripe fees, please visit their website. You can view all payments in your account. You also can configure stripe account to receive emails when payments are successful. Please, refer to Stripe documentation for additional information at :

For your protection, we do not view or store this information on our own servers. We pass this information securely to our payment services provider, Stripe.
Step 1: Go to and login to your account
Step 2: Select the settings module and click on client invoicing
Step 3: Click on the blue connect with Stripe button
Step 4: You will be se a message Taxaroo would like to connect to your Stripe account. Taxaroo will be able to see your account data (such as all payment and payout history), including any data created by other platforms you've connected. They'll also be able to create new payments and take other actions for you. Please fill out the this entire form and select authorize access to this account when done