Client Portal

Taxaroo actively notifies clients and preparers of each action that needs to be taken during the tax preparation process.  To better understand what your clients see, we've outlined the process in this quick video and in the documentation below.

Adding a Client on your Dashboard
When you add a new job for a client, you're able to select which type of return and tax year is relevant.  The client will get an email notification to sign up:

Adding a Client through your Signup Link
When you share your signup link, clients are able to self select which job and tax year they want you to help them with.  That page, with custom branding, looks like this:

Interview ProcessFollowing either signup process, your clients will be brought to the interview page. With Taxaroo Pro, you can customize the questions in this client organizer.  For Start/Basic plans we have provided standard 1040, 1040 amendment, and 1120 templates.

Once your client has been onboarded, their home page looks very similar to that of the tax preparer.  Note the custom elements that provide a personal touch in Taxaroo:

  1. Custom Branding (top left)
  2. Tax preparer photo
  3. Preparer & firm contact info

Status TrackingThis section is to highlight actions that the client needs to take.  Anytime the tax preparer requests tax info, sends an invoice or submits documents to review, the tracker will prompt action with the orange color.

Selecting one of these sections will prompt the client for further action.  Below is how the invoice appears:

The following image highlights our payment lock feature - which blocks clients from viewing/downloading their return until payment is submitted:

After the invoice is cleared, your client will be able to fully access their document for approval and electronic signature: