How To Upload Firm Files

Taxaroo provides a feature that allows providers to add documents under the client file, making them visible only to the provider and their team. To add attachments or forms, please follow these simple instructions:

Step 1: Log in to your Taxaroo account at

Step 2: Access the dashboard module by clicking on it from the navigation menu.

Step 3: Locate and select the client you wish to work with by clicking on their name.

Step 4: Scroll down the client's page until you find the section titled "Job Specific Firm Files - Visible only to you and your team." Click on the "Upload Files" option within this section.

Step 5: Choose the desired attachment or form from your device to upload the document.

Note: Alternatively, you can also add files to this section by directly dragging and dropping them into the "drop files here" area.

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