10 Steps to Setup Your Account

Follow these 10 steps, and you’ll get your Taxaroo account up and running in no time. If you'd like to get a full tour of our platform and all its features schedule a demo with one of our accounts the specialist here or take a video tour.
• By the end of step 5: You’ll be up and ready to invite teammates.                   
•  By the end of step 10: Your team will be smiling and at their most productive. 

The 10 steps to set up success

Step 1: Schedule a one-on-one welcome call 
Step 2: Connecting Stripe
Step 3: Setup branding
Step 4: Connect calendar
Step 5: Add team members.
Step 6: Test video capability
Step 7: Customize your own workflow.
Step 8: Do a test return
Step 9: Import Clients
Step10: Send out a templated email to clients explaining the platform

Take 10-20 minutes on each stepper day to get set up in a week, or be an overachiever and knock through all of them in a couple of hours.

Step 1: Schedule a one-on-one welcome call

Your one-on-one onboarding call will focus on helping you get to know the powerful features of using Taxaroo in your practice. Please be at a computer and have a copy of your logo handy and your clients exported on an excel file if possible. We look forward to talking with you!

If you plan on setting up a multiple location firm, please contact us directly so we can assist further 855.573.1040

Step 2: Connecting Stripe 

Our platform is integrated with Stripe to process credit cards and securely manage your bank account. When a client pays an invoice, Stripe will process it directly into your bank account. This allows clients to pay easily and securely with credit cards. Taxaroo does not collect additional fees for payments. The payment fees are charged only by Stripe Inc. For details on stripe fees, please visit their website. You can view all payments in your www.stripe.com account. You also can configure a stripe account to receive emails when payments are successful. Please, refer to Stripe documentation for additional information at: https://support.stripe.com/. For more information on how to set up Stripe, please visit here.

Step 3: Setup branding 

Taxaroo offers Full White Labeling features. You can add your logo and branding to all client portals, invoices, and messages, including using your own domain name. You can fully customize the client experience. For more information on how to set up branding on your account, please visit here.

Step 4: Connect calendar

Taxaroo allows you to integrate your external calendar, allowing you to view meetings scheduled through your external calendar on your Taxaroo calendar. Follow these directions to connect your Calendar with Taxaroo. Login to your account and click on the settings module > select external calendar and enter your Google, iCloud, Outlook, etc., calendar to Synchronize with Taxaroo. For more information on how to connect your calendar to Taxaroo, please visit here.
Step 6: Test video capability
Any tax preparer can conduct scheduling. To test video capability, you'll need to schedule an appointment with a client (taxpayer); they must be added first under the client's module and create an appointment type.
Here are directions on how to create an appointment type:
Step 1: Click on the  Appointments module
Step 2: Click on the Appointments type tab.
Step 3: Click on the New Appointments type button.
Step 4: Enter the client's name, description, color, duration, time availability, etc. Step 5: Click Save when finished

Step 7: Customize your own workflow.

Workflows can be sent to clients by tax preparers. The Administrator needs to set the interview questions under the workflows module first. Taxaroo provides flexibility for firms to use the built-in workflows available in the platform or create their own workflows from scratch. 

Step 1: Go to https://app.taxaroo.com/login and login into your account
Step 2: Select the workflows module.

Step 8: Do a test return

Once you have customized your workflow, tested video capability, connected your calendar, connected to Stripe, scheduled a one-on-one welcome call to try running a test return.

Step 9: Import Clients

In Taxaroo, you can add clients manually directly into the platform or import clients directly from Drake, Pro Series, or CrossLink.

Step 10: Send out a templated email to clients explaining the platform

Once you have finalized adding clients, your all set and are ready to send out an email to your clients explaining to them how to use the client portal and how to log in.