Why Taxaroo

Taxaroo is a secure platform that allows you automate your end to end tax workflow, and save 40 minutes per tax return.

Also, your clients will love it as they can work with you in and out of the office.

Here are some of the awesome features Taxaroo gives you:

  • Automate collection of client organizer data
  • A simple, mobile-friendly document portal
  • Integrated invoicing & credit card payments
  • Payment Lock secures your work by ensuring clients must pay before they can view final tax documents
  • Electronic signatures!
  • Dashboards to automatically track the entire workflow
  • Analytics to gain insight from your firm's performance
  • Feedback to understand what you're doing right (or wrong!)

What's better than that?  Taxaroo is not just for tax returns.  We offer fully customizable templates, so you can handle every type of engagement.