Create Appointment Types

To schedule an appointment with your client, you'll first need to setup up service types and availability.

Here are directions on how to create an appointment type:

Step 1: Click on the  Appointments module
Step 2: Click on the Appointments type tab
Step 3: Click on the New Appointments type button
Step 4: Enter service name, e.g. 30-min consultation, description
Step 5: Select the color for this service
Step 6: Click on the New Bracket button next to  Time Availability.
Step 7: Select the day and time you are available from and to and click save when done.

Optional: Appointment Buffers: Use this to set aside preparation, rest, or travel time before or after appointments. For example, if you define a 5-minute buffer before your appointments, you will have 5 minutes of free time before your scheduled appointments. (Buffer Before Appointment (Optional), Buffer After Appointment (Optional), Appointment Max per Day (Optional), Minimum Schedule Notice (Optional)

Step 8: Click on  Save Changes.