Create Appointment Types

In order to schedule an appointment with your client you'll first need to setup up service types and availability.

Here are directions how to create an appointment type:

Step 1: Click on the  Appointments module

Step 2: Click on the Appointments type tab

Step 3: Click on the New Appointments type button

Step 4: Enter service name, e.g. 30-min consultation, description

Step 5: Select the color for this service

Step 6: Click on the New Bracket button next to Time Availability

Step 7:
Select the day and the time that you are available from and to and click save when done

Optional: Appointment Buffers: Use this to set aside preparation, rest or travel time before or after appointments. For example, if you define a 5 minute buffer before your appointments we will make sure you have 5 minutes of free time before your scheduled appointments. (Buffer Before Appointment (Optional), Buffer After Appointment (Optional), Appointment Max per Day (Optional), Minimum Schedule Notice (Optional)

Step 8: Click on Save Changes.