How To View Analytics


This module gives the statistics of Jobs in Progress, Jobs completed, Team members over a period of time. You can select in increments of 1 week, 4 weeks, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Statistics can also be seen by selecting specific dates. This section also gives details of Ratings and Reviews that are given by Tax payers to Tax Practitioners.

Step 1: To get started select the Analytics module

  1. How to check ‘Team member statistics’?

By default all the team members’ (Present and Deleted) statistics is displayed. Inorder to check specific member’s data perform below steps.

Step 1: Scroll down to Team member statistics section.

Step 2: Select the checkbox against team member for which statistics is required.

  1. How to check ‘Firm Ratings’?

Average rating of the firm is denoted in the beginning of this section.

Donut chart: Denotes count of each star rating. Check the count by hovering on it.

Bar Graph: Denotes average rating per team member. Hover on each bar to get exact


  1. How to check ‘Firm Reviews’?

By default, the entire team member’s review will be displayed sorted in the order ‘Newest to Oldest’. In order to check specific member’s review and ratings, select a member from ‘Show reviews for:’ dropdown.