Is My Information Secure

At Taxaroo, we take the security of your sensitive information extremely seriously. 

Taxaroo was built from the ground up to use industry-standard security and encryption measures. A lot of companies say that they take security seriously, but few back it up with any substance. 

This page is intended to show you how deeply we care about security, and to tell you in detail how we keep your information safe.  Here are our top security priorities:

Priority 1: Encrypt all communicationAll interactions that you have with Taxaroo are done through bank-level SSL-encrypted communications. This includes all of our static content and all data and documents that you submit or retrieve from Taxaroo. This means that no one can steal or otherwise intercept your data while it is being sent to or from Taxaroo.

Priority 2: Store only necessary dataWe try to avoid asking you to provide any information that is not immediately necessary for either our business processes or for the business of preparing tax returns. The less information that you have to provide, the better it is for security and for your ease of use.

Priority 3: Encrypt data that we do have to store
For data that we have to store, we use various encryption and hashing approaches to ensure that even if someone got access to our database/files, they would not be able to use it (it would just look like gibberish!) We provide more information about how we do this in later sections.

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