Why Taxaroo

Tax Pros will always have those clients who LOVE coming in for their annual visit. They sit with you, catch up on recent updates, and watch you prepare their return.  

Time with clients is valuable, and Taxaroo doesn't replace that.  However, we can make the experience more pleasant for clients and more impactful for the Tax Pros.

Here are some top ways to use Taxaroo in the office

  • Reduce wait times in your office by having clients complete Taxaroo interviews before coming in.
  • Minimize face time spent collecting administrative data, and use it to provide value-add consultations instead.
  • Remove 1 or 2 of those office visits!  Clients no longer need to stop by to sign a return or pay you; they can do that all from their phone or a computer.
  • Make your office cool - ditch the paper handouts and use a tablet with Taxaroo instead.
  • Taxaroo also allows you, the Tax Pro, to fill out interviews on your client's behalf while they're sitting with you.