How to Add a Job

To work with your clients, you will want to create a job first. There are two ways to do this in the Taxaroo. This can be done by sending a signup link to your client or manually entering the job through the platform. 

How do I add a Job in Taxaroo

Step 1: One of the quickest ways to create a new job is simply sending clients a signup link. Your unique link is found under Settings > Shareable Signup Link.
Step 2: Simply email or text the link to your clients, and if they are new clients it will add them to your client list and to your jobs queue. For existing clients, it will only add a new job.

Note: Every team member has their own signup link, so jobs can be automatically assigned to an individual team member.

Step 1: For walk-ins, or manual entry click on your Client List on the Dashboard and select the green Add Job button on the right hand side of the screen.

Step 2: From here you need only to enter some basic information. This will add your job to Taxaroo, and send your client an email to sign up and start the onboarding process.

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